Corporate Services

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” –Colin Powell

With over 30 years of collective experience, our corporate brokers at Corporate Brokers International, Inc. can offer their expertise in a variety of services. Our corporate services include:

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  • Transfer of Corporate Ownership
  • Buyer or Seller Representation
  • Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS)
  • 1st Annual Report – Secretary of State Registration
  • Consumer Account Setup
  • Phone Number with auto extension
  • 411 Directory Listing
  • Yellow Pages Listing
  • Super Pages Listing over 300 Sites
  • Bing Search Engine Listing
  • Google Search Engine Listing
  • Business Listing
  • Yahoo Search Engine Listing
  • Consultation with a Corporate Consultant

We also offer the following services:

Aged Companies
We have aged companies in over 30 states that have no assets, no liabilities, in good standing and an established history of good credit over five years in various industries.
Registered Agent Services
Registered Agents accept due process for your company and is required by law in most States. We provide this service.
The corporation is a legal separate “person” which may live forever or be empowered to protect the shareholder from economic harm. It may own assets, sue or be sued, transfer its ownership easily, borrow money, mortgage its assets, and file bankruptcy.
“S” status for a corporation is granted by the IRS to any regular business corporation or close corporation which meets specific criteria. Domestic corporations having 100 or fewer shareholders all the same class who are citizens of the U.S. or resident aliens may elect to pass gains or losses, credits or deductions, on to shareholders in much the same manner that partnerships are taxes.
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) may elect to pass gains or losses, credits or deductions, on to the members of the LLC in much the same manner that partnerships are taxes. An LLC status avoids the corporate potential problem of “double taxation.”
Non-Profit Corporations
A nonprofit corporation or not-for-profit corporation, is a company that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.
Attorney Privilege Privacy Services
The Attorney Privilege Privacy Services offers Public Director Service, with an attorney, supplied by us, as your go-between.
Director Service
Some companies like to keep the officer’s names off the public record. We do offer this service in some states.
Phone Answering Service
We offer phone answering services in over 40 states. Contact us with your requirements.
Mail Forwarding and Physical Office Presence
We offer full office services and mail forwarding services in a number of states.

Talk to an Expert

Contact us at 404-549-4534 if you would like to talk to one of our expert consultants.


Corporations are warranted by the seller or its authorized agent. Corporate Brokers International, Inc. is not the owner or agent. Corporate Brokers’ fees are paid by the seller. Such fees are not a part of the bill of the sale agreement between the buyer and seller. Corporate Brokers International, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any 3rd parties, referring entities, buyer, or seller.